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Internet Products

All of our products are 100% proprietary and can be completely integrated into your site design for seamless viewing.

Product Name Price ($) Payments Description
Counters 125 Each Hit and individual user counters, or crosses between
Current events script 115 Each Daily news submission interface
Chat box 75 Each User to user chat interface
Easy file sharing system 375 Each FTP/HTTP file transfers and item viewer
eMarketing 75 Hour Selling the webpage to the people*
Integrated site databases 90 Hour Database setups for all client information
Marketing materials 75 Hour Printed materials to match web page*
Picture gallery 450 Each Picture and artwork submission and gallery viewer
Qream 150 Each eBay Ad Maker
Qreaps Basic FREE Each Email Address Privacy and Spam Guard
Qreaps Standard 250
Qreaps Premium 580
Scroller 250 Each Spotlight Solution
Shopping cart 20 Month eCommerce interface
Site survey system 125 Each Poll box
Testimonials Solution 425 Each Testimonials Solution with Qrush Admin Interface
Web page stats 15 Month Statistics such as most viewed URL, geographical location, and referrers

*Non website application

Any type of previously listed product for web sites can be directly linked to one another, message boards, or to other scripts via usernames and passwords in order to allow tracking of all data from an individual user. This also helps users create an identity that can not be stolen or spoofed. Sessions are used via cookies while the site is browsed so the user doesn't have to log in more than once per visit. Other scripts can be acquired or made from scratch per client request.

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