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The daily increase in computer connectivity is an ongoing revolution in the way that people communicate and businesses operate. But with the self-apparent benefits come significant dangers to Information Technology Systems and the critical operations they support. Maintaining the security of our clients’ IT systems is vital to the mission of Qrush Technologies. We are dedicated to safeguard the safety, privacy, mobility and efficiency of our customers’ infrastructure.

Qrush is committed to protect and preserve the confidentiality, integrity and timely availability of all of our partners’ critical systems and data. Our risk management program consists of educating the client about his requirements for IT security, identifying threats and associated vulnerabilities of IT operations and implementing cost-effective countermeasures to minimize risks. Our vision of security is comprised of the following components.

  • Individualized Security Strategy – Performance and prevention are configured to a client’s budget.
  • Oversight Implementation – Security policies and procedures are defined and responsibilities are delegated.
  • Technical Scaffolding – Customized security controls are designed and emplaced that will protect a computer system or a network from attack.
  • Security Management – This tailored program identifies and assesses risks, determines what policies, equipment and controls are needed, evaluates the effectiveness of these and eliminates any discovered weakness.

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